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Narrow Linewidth Laser

By different technology,there are different kinds of narrow linewidth laser. Generally speaking, the spectrum linewidth of DPSS 532nm laser is around 1nm.

For Raman laser, the spectrum linewidth typically is <0.2nm. It could be used for some simple application. Currently, the main wavelength is  532nm, 658nm, 785nm, 830nm. Aslo the narrow linewidth fiber laser is also available.
For single longitudinal mode laser, the spectrum line width could be <0.001nm. It is an ideal spectroscopy laser source for many raman applications  or laser flueresces.  Currently the main wavelength is 532nm and 1064nm. For single longitudinal mode laser, the MTBF of the single longitudinal mode is the key specification of the whole system.

532nm 500mW green laseres

On the current market, 532nm 500mW green laser is very popular. The whole laser system features the long-time power stability, high reliability, robust industrial design.

Different OEM service is availabe,such as single mode fiber coupling, multi mode fiber coupling, polarization maintaing fiber coupling, powell lenses laser line, or high speed modulation.

Different laser driver is available upon request which can meet scientific demand or industrial demand

405nm 500mW Laser Module

  By the technology of fiber combiner, the output power of the 405nm laser could be OEM produced, such as 500mW, 800mW, 1000mW. The beam quality would be extreme high which features TEMoo mode, 95% bean roundness.

  The whole system would be intereated in robust case. Multi mode fiber coupling is available upon request. Recently the cost of the 405nm diode lasers has be dragged down due the LD cost is lower and lower.

   For more info of the 405nm 500mW laser.

Diode Collimated 488nm Laseres On The Market.

For more and more demands of the 488nm lasers from scientific and industrial applications, many manufactures have started to produce 488nm laseres.  The output power is from 20mW to 50mW or even high.

The wavelength of 488nm is also can be used in Raman spectroscopy and many other main applications.  It is believed that in the near furture, the demand of 488nm laser would be much higer.

For the info of laser source, please click hereimage

Laser Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy has been widely used as a tool for analysis and research. This technology could be applied into the area such as semiconductors, thin films, forensic science, ploymers, pharmaceuticals. Fullerence structures and carbon nano-materials could be also analized by laser raman sepctroscopy.

As a process of which a photo of light interacts with the sample to produce scattered radiation of different wavelength, the Raman spectroscopy could be regarded as in the its form

Raman spectroscopy can carry various informations which could be used for the characterization of molecular structures, identification of chemicals and so on.

In the history, Raman Spectroscopy was not well used since only parts of the universities have the couses related with this subjects. But in the near future, the application of this technolgy would be greatly widened. More and more Raman laser resources would be used in this technology.

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